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SunCana H701A Pod Pro Brewer

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SunCana Pod Pro Brewer

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It might have a small footprint, but the SunCana H701A Pod Pro brewer is taking single serve coffee to the next level.  After being meticulously re-engineered by our friends at Pod Pack, this familiar pod brewer is back and better than ever!
Improvements start inside, where revamped internal mechanics feature a 14 oz stainless steel boiler to consistently brew coffee at the perfect temperature, and for quick recovery between cups.  The pod drawer has also been completely redisigned, showcasing patented stainless steel construction and a single exit spout for optimal flow out of the brewer, creating a velvety smooth cup of coffee.  In addition, the redesigned pod drawer can easily accomodate pods up to 12g pods (we've even tried 14g ones, but found them a bit snug).
The SunCana Pod Pro brewer is compatible with a wide array of 61mm paper filter pods, including our own line of gourmet pods.  To brew a cup, a pod is simply set into the pod holder and inserted into the machine.  After clamping in the pod with a simple lever, the pod is ready to be brewed using 5, 8, 9 ,10 or 12 oz of water.  In addition to being easy to use and tasting great, these pods are actually compostable!  In hard numbers, that means each time you brew a cup you produce 75% less waste than if you brewed a K-cup or other capsule.  
You are probably wondering: This sounds great, but what actually makes it better than other brewers? The answer lies in the brewers unique extraction system:  By clamping the pods into the unit and pumping water through the pods, each cup of coffee is brewed at approximately 3 bars of pressure.  This ammount of pressure is roughly halfway between coffee and espresso, and this shows.  Each pod brewed is this unit will have more body and a smoother mouthfeel than any other single serve brewer we've tried, and we've tried quite a few
  • Completely customizable volume setting allows you to brew the perfect cup. 
  • Choose between 5, 8, 9, 10 and 12 oz of water to control the strength of your brew.
  • Stainless Steel pod drawer works with a wide variety of 61mm paper pods - up to 12g pods.
  • Consistently brews coffee at the proper temperature (195-205°F)
  • 3 bar pump for full-bodied extraction
  • 14oz stainless steel boiler for quick recovery between cups
  • Unique extraction system brings out the full range of flavor for a perfectly balanced cup of coffee or tea.
  • Includes 24 assorted premium ACS Coffee Pods for you to enjoy

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